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4Team Corporation is an international software vendor with offices in two continents (US and Europe). We understand that close relationship between us and our customers is the key for success. For that reason we have partners with local offices all around the world.

We are very glad to work with wide arrange of business professionals to provide you the best quality products and services.

Global partners list

  • SHI International Corp.

    SHI International Corp.

    SHI is global software reseller and provider of information technology products and services. SHI International Corporation have 30+ offices across the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Hong Kong.

  • Softline


    Softline is a global software, hardware and IT services provider with 20+ years of experience. Company is located in Russia, but operating worldwide.

  • Syssoft


    Syssoft specializes in the supply of licensed software from leading global and domestic developers. Company sells over 30,000 products from more than 1,000 developers. Syssoft office is located in Russia.

  • Storm Technologies

    Storm Technologies

    Storm Technologies is a dynamic & reliable IT reseller providing solutions that utilise the latest technologies from leading hardware, software and networking vendors.

  • Software Paradise

    Software Paradise

    Software Paradise was founded in 1986 and is the UK's leading independent reseller of computer software.

Partnership possibility

We have three type of partnership: resellers, integrators and affiliates. The advantages of partnership with us you can read below. If you are interested or need more information, please contact our sales department




It is for
Everyone who owns a websitetextr for testing spaces
E-shops owners or other resellers
Companies that offer IT based services
What would you do
Refer customers to our website and get commisions for that
Buy our products with discount and make profit from reselling it
Buy our products with discount, but deploy and support it by yourself
Product support
Yes for you, but not for your customers
Other additional fees
Your profit up to
0.25$ per lead (download) 1st tier: 15% per sale 2nd tier: 30% per sale
The higher price you sell, the higher profit you get
The highest quality for the lowest price

Our Partners receive priority support via phone, e-mail and chat. All materials for the effective marketing are made available to you. You will resell to your clients at 4Team's retail price, but you receive our promotional discounts! We believe that trustful and profitable cooperation between both sides, leads to a greatly beneficial partnership.

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I am using several 4Team products and none of them have disappointed me. Had small problem with one tool, tech support guys fixed it for me in two minutes. Great software, excellent staff, nothing else to add here."
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